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Macmillan Coffee Morning

September 2017

We are very keen on community spirit at RuthAnn's Cakebox  , so we rolled up our sleeves in September 2017 and sponsored our first Macmillan Coffee Morning.  To tell you I was stressed out about it is an understatement!    It was our first one, so we didn't know what to expect.   Would we be able to make enough cakes?   Would people come?   Would they buy ?   all of these questions and millions of others were tossed around in my mind like confetti at a wedding.

We advertised it as much as possible within our community.   Sent out leaflets, accosted people picking up their kids from school and generally told everyone we saw that we were hosting a coffee morning.    Even when people hid behind trees when they saw us coming, it did not deter us.  We sought them out and give told them all about it.

I must say, we had tremendous support from everyone.    It was a great day and we raised more than £200 for this tremendously good cause.    See our pics below.  We learned a lot and am sure we will do better and raise more this year.   If you would like to take part or support us in any way for our 2018 coffee morning , please contact us.  We welcome your help

Charity Event - Morriston Rotary Club

We were kindly invited by Morriston Rotary Club to provide cupcakes for their afternoon tea event in August, held at the Mansion House in Swansea.  They were raising funds  to install a female toilet block at the Bishop Willingers School in Uganda.   Female pupils at the school choose not to go to school at certain times of the month because they currently share a toilet with male pupils and staff and there are no disposal facilities for them.   The afternoon tea raised almost 1000 pounds for towards their cause.  

Well done to Morriston Rotary for organising the event and for inviting us to be part of the day.    Thanks to all who attended and enjoyed our cupcakes

From left to right:      Salted caramel cupcakes, black forest cupcakes, setting up the afternoon tea table, orange cupcakes.

From left to right:     Salted Caramel cupcakes, Black Forest cupcakes, the afternoon tea table, Orange cupcakes